Building space: Garden decor

Sometimes it happens suddenly, other untapped. Pay attention to the space under the window because it has many possibilities.
Running along the wall

  1. Provides capacity while leveraging a space that otherwise would have been cleared. It is brilliant the idea of ? putting a very light shelf running along the bottom of the windows and, thanks to its capacity, you can dispense with other furniture such as a bookcase, for example.
  2. conventional radiators may clash with the aesthetics of today’s environment, therefore a widely used resource is hidden behind a cover, radiator. Place a shelf of “detachable” and while taking advantage of space, it will be easier to clean.
  3. Install something which runs along the surface underneath the soil, so can you find it easier to organize your belongings in it, put bars long, others short and reserve an area as a shoemaker.
  4. Some say that if windows do not have a seat nearby from which to contemplate the landscape, are not windows, but only an opening in the wall. One advantage is that greatly increased the number of seats in your living room.
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