Build a modern rack with a ladder

In Home Decor Concept we love the craft, either to decorate the house all year or set during the Christmas is coming. So do not stop to give you all sorts of ideas to put into practice. In this case, we will teach you to make an original stand from a metal ladder. What?

The idea is simple: make a handy shelf, modern and original from one of those metal stairs with steps on both sheets. You will need:

  1. A metal staircase, the size you want
  2. Wooden shelves
  3. Jig saw or
  4. Acrylic paint or aerosol
  5. Brush

First, take measurements of the stairs you have. You should count how many steps they have – so you know how many shelves do – and take the measure of the width of the tables. For the latter must take the measure of the width of each step, down the inside of the ladder.

The shelves can cut yourself with a jigsaw or hacksaw. If you dare, you can order them as in any carpentry or wood. Paint them any color you want: it can be plated to match the stairs, black or any other color.

Once the boards are dry, place them on the stairs as you pictured. Success! you have a very original and practical shelf.

This shelf would apply perfectly to modern studios, offices, bedrooms of teenagers , workshops or maybe a modern room decor.

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