Blank walls idea: the most elegant homes

After years of painting our colored walls, each room in a shade (it was the trend that saw more decoration magazines), finally became the classic white floors. I love them, are luminous, seem larger and uniform appearance allows many combinations of materials and colors in the furnishings. If you are mulling over how you want to paint your house, let me suggest some of the many shades of white or paint the best companies put at your disposal in their color charts.

You may only white tone will sound a little monotonous, and if so, instead of painting an entire room of another color, you can choose to paint only one wall. In the bedroom, it may be that of the headboard; in the lounge, which is behind the TV, Give him a special role, and you’ll notice the difference.

The wooden floors are perfect with white walls, especially if newly painted. And fiercely contemporary furniture, including this fantastic room full of personality, are always a hit.

To paint the floor, if you want to do yourself, I recommend you use a top quality paint, leaving more expensive, but you have to give less hands because they are more opaque, so gastaréis likely end the same, but trabajaréis less. Ah! And the house pintéis color it is, always let the white roofs, the feeling of space is far greater.

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