Black walls for small spaces decor idea

There is a myth in decoration, which I believe, which says that dark colors do not fit into tight spaces . The white walls, in contrast, tend to give the illusion of increased space, but the darker shades can create their own magic in those places.

There is no doubt that white walls are effective in increasing the volume of a room, especially in high ceilings, wood floors and furniture line, and spaces with lots of natural light . However, in rooms with low ceilings, paint the walls white is not a good option.

The alternative is, when it comes to small rooms, the color black, as it incorporates very well. The spaces that lack architectural character, like a toilet, can have a rather dramatic style. A dark color provides an elegant backdrop that allows insertion of accessories as you see fit.

But not all colors work equally dark. Your best bet will always be black, charcoal, navy, deep brown. While dark red, green or medium blue can make the room seem even smaller.

Dark colors can work well, although you should always add a significant amount of white on the furniture, clothing and other decorations, to balance its general appearance, and maintain a dark room without making it look or feel too dark.

On the site PureStyleHome can see excellent examples like “before and after” in various rooms where the black imposed his style versus conventional colors.

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