Black and white kitchen

The traditional combination of black and white is applicable to any room in the house. In this case, use the formula in a kitchen where a solution is achieved by high aesthetic value and maximum comfort.

White and black are a formula of great harmony and distinction for the decoration of interiors. As opposed allowing a perfect balance, if we take into account factors such as lighting, and white represents light, and if it is used in excess, can cause a raucous effect. For its part, the black is the absence of color, which means that we should supplement it with a light and its counterpart appropriate target should be located strategically.

Applied to the kitchen, mixing perfectly, it blends beautifully with simple straight lines of this room. These colors are ideal for application to lacquered doors, cabinets, melamine, etc.., where the balance is achieved without effort.

Black and white details:

  • The mixture of black and white was traditional in the 20’s, associated with Eastern minimalism. As application examples we have the floors and checkerboard kitchen rustic.
  • On the floors, white and black has traditionally been used in checkerboard floor, but it is the only solution. We can also be found in monolithic floors, decorative designs with this mixture of colors. Although we oppose a flat black to pure white walls, or a white floor against lockers black lacquered.
  • We must build on the qualities of these colors for visual effects, lighting a dark corner using white, or otherwise, to put a space too bright, we can apply a black detail.
  • Must be chosen with restraint so that the environments are harmonious and do not give tensions that may be unpleasant. To avoid the effect of glare from very white spaces, we can use opaque black screens, such as pony skin, creating relaxed environments.
  • The white walls expand and illuminate spaces. Here goes black to create a balanced set, apply to furniture, countertops and floors.
  • If we choose furniture lacquered in white, black countertops need to achieve harmony. We can also apply the inverse pattern.
  • The baseboards and tile can take any of the two colors, according to the emerging needs of the space. Or we can choose white tile design in black (or vice versa).
  • For the walls, we can use an epoxy paint to water, which is resistant to chemicals and time.
  • For flooring we choose geometric designs in black and white, or the traditional checkerboard or uniform the ground in a single color.
  • The range hood in black is a decorative detail with high visual impact that highlights the food preparation area
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