Bedrooms decor

Many times when it comes to sleeping dream , we imagine rooms really unreachable, not realizing that in reality one can achieve a dream bedroom, with much less, both in space, technology or decoration.

We will leave here some samples double bedrooms that contain certain details, without being avant-garde big bedrooms, are heavenly.

The elegance is the order of the day. The set based on different shades of purple is expressed in diverse textures such as silk and third hair, surrounded by the best dark woodgrain.

Not necessarily a bedroom should be large to be dreamed. Here is a typical bedroom is highlighted by the majesty of her bed, her pillows and blankets.

Another demonstration that a small space can be better. If you look good in this picture you can see that those who wake up in the bedroom, the first image you see is a beautiful forest.

There are people who find the perfect bedroom or who has a wood stove heat it in winter. Large beds are provided to enjoy to the fullest. If we add white curtains that surround the style of the movie, then we have the perfect combination.

The silver and shades, with white can create a very modern room. The others can add details like a painting or a vase of a color image pin lost in the shades of gray. Having a private bathroom for the room, must be one of the pleasures most wanted people to think of the perfect bedroom.

The wooden rooms offer the feeling of being in a mountain cabin or lake, or what is equal to being on holiday: a dream. Finally we see here the perfect room: only the necessary elements, little decoration, elegance and the best ocean views.

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