Bedroom with branches decor

We’ve talked before decorations inspired by nature and today we show you a decorative accessory that is part of this trend, it is the inspired tree branches that will leave your room looking like a lovely little natural shelter and providing and striking a twist that will prevent you get bored easily.

bedroom decor concept

In this small room that conveys freshness white and light blue presented in printed bedding complement the atmosphere created by the hanging plant a corner and of course the headrail inspired by tree branches forming a space natural and simple that invites relaxation with few elements to avoid recharge with too many distractions.

bedroom branch decor idea

In this case a version of the headrail inspired tree branches white with a slope that goes from the ground to the upper area of the window meets the work of holding the curtain while the printed fabric banners that adorn the room sky blue walls in which reigns a vintage style and pastel colors.

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