Bedroom decor – how to change bedroom decor

To change your room from furniture to ornaments and accessories, we present two proposals aimed at Ikea remodeling apartments and summer homes or weekend, or also for youth who want to decorate their first home.

With the collection of Ikea Hemnes, we can create different styles in our bedroom, according to our personal tastes and preferences for decoration. These alternatives we offer comfortable bed and base cabinets, all white, on which includes accessories that give it color and make the furniture stand out from the rest of the elements. With these proposals, we will get large bedrooms, bright, cheerful and stylish.

The picture above actually has lots of color. The quilt striped, predominantly blue, matches the curtains the same color and a picture of flowers range from pink, blue and white. We also observed a modern lamp, a dresser, a bed headboard and a light table in white.

The following proposal, with minimalist decor combines white and black in furniture in padding in the cushions and decorative ornaments. Accompanying the photographs in sepia decor, with very few supplements glass.

Colors, textures, fabrics, ornaments and furniture make these proposals, ideal to brighten up your bedroom so you can thoroughly enjoy it every day.

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