Beautiful and cozy family apartment

When I first saw the decoration of this apartment I fell in love completely. An old apartment was completely renovated, drawing on their wood floors and some of its original features and redecorate to suit family life. Details and lovely colors in a home that makes you want to return to relax and enjoy family after a hard day’s work.

The union of different decorative style in all the furniture is one of the most striking features of the decoration. A coffee table with modern style sofa and chair retro indivdual who were fully restored.

Besides the above, carpets and shelving, modern style. The detail of the wooden floor has been restored and painted chalky white makes everything look great.

In the kitchen we can also enjoy a marriage of style. Highlight the kitchen furniture, the detail of metal appliances and kitchen equipment and wood countertop dark. Natural lighting Artificial accompanied by a perfect union. Where lack of natural light, the artificial does its job without interfering with the decor.

The couple’s room is decorated simply, with minimal details, with some retro furniture and the feeling of home that invites us to stay in it.

The small house has a lovely room, full of light and color. in every corner and prepared to meet all needs.

It truly is an apartment where I could live, and what about you?

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