Bathroom Decor Ideas

In many homes, the bathroom is a place of simple hygiene and grooming, minor and very small. But for others, the bathroom has the perfect conditions have to relax or to unwind from the workday or spend a romantic moment.

For those people, who prefer to have a large bathroom before other parts of the house, is that they have created more options to meet your needs. We will pass along to show some widely used options for decor concept.

For starters, the photo above is a typical family bathroom, intermediate, perhaps the most common, although not the most practical. It is interesting to analyze the option that if you have one bathroom, one hand is the shower or tub, and another smallish room, the toilet and washing. So that when someone is showering, do not have to block all other bathroom items that may be needed.

The first option for lovers of luxury bathrooms , is on making the site, a place of relaxation, an encounter with oneself and harmony. The photo shows a Jacuzzi with waterfall, different textures surrounding it and the green of the garden view from there. This is a space of relaxation without leaving home. If true, the price is a constraint, but clarified that the luxury in the bathroom often left for last, and this time qusimos highlight as you first think when designing or decorating your home.

The decor idea that the toilet must be separate from the bedroom seems to dissipate for some designers. Proof of this is this picture, which combines in the same environment the two biggest points of distension of the people: his bed and shower.

Finally we show another contemporary trend, which is to have all the technology at hand, so that while taking a bath in the tub, you can be watching TV or listening to music, or do not, working in your laptop.

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