Bathroom decor: Black Color in the Bath

When planning to build or remodel the bathroom, you probably think of the full range of colors that exist, except in the black . You could say that color is “prevented” but why?, Is only a matter of looking at the images to realize that a bath of black color scheme decor, is perfection.

Usually associated with a black room with something horrible and scary, but those times have passed, today’s decor, textures and material combinations especially, have managed to give this color space.

Generally you will see a shiny black tiles used for both the floor to the wall. The roof might give it another color if you wish, probably white. As seen in the photos, this case had a window out. A marked it is a “natural path of light” wood floor to match.

The mystique of the dark room is high and the feeling of being in a spa room and not in fear, is achieved through simple combinations of strong colors in the towels, like red and green apple, as well as a fundamental set of lighting.

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