Bamboo Rugs decor

Bamboo is a very popular material in the countries of Asia. There are large plantations of bamboo, which are renewed constantly. Can be collected within two years of having planted without harming the plant.

  1. In soils, coatings, furniture and all kinds of objects used bamboo. Since ancient times has been used by different peoples, was an affordable and abundant material for the construction of houses, farm implements, of boats. Asian hominids used tools and made ??of bamboo.
  2. The bamboo rugs are very durable, ideal for traffic areas like corridors, lobby, offices. I checked, I have bamboo mats where once had hair mats, the difference is a lot of maintenance.
  3. Any carpet that gets a lot of step gets ugly, dirty and have to take to the cleaners. Bamboo rugs are cleaned rather easily.
  4. Carpets of bamboo have several coats of polyurethane to help repel stains and scratches.
  5. They are an ideal complement to Marble floors, porcelain , wood or ceramic.
  6. Carpets are eco-friendly bamboo, bamboo does not use pesticides or fertilizers. They have a powerful antibacterial agent called Bamboo Kun and antifungal. Bamboo fibers woven carpet or other uses are hypo allergenic, especially suitable for people with respiratory problems or allergies .
  7. The bamboo rugs are designed to not slip.
  8. The bamboo rugs have different designs, you also have hair with a soft cashmere and as the different patterns

To separate spaces for decorate the dining room or a rustic loft , bamboo rugs are an economical and practical solution to the flooring. No matter you have modern furniture, ethnic or rustic bamboo rugs go with everything. You can find them in specialty stores and department stores such as Conforama, Leroy Merlin or Ikea .

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