Balinese beds decor

While the decor of the house is something that always gives us plenty of headaches if we take into account personal tastes, budget and other factors, but also sometimes we can be guided by fashion and that is why we speak now known as Balinese beds.

Balinese beds are beds that are placed around the gardens , to relax and enjoy the fresh air or being with friends. A type of beds that a lot in the homes of the “celebrities” and what is certain is that factor that we have room for them as they tend to be large.
Characteristics of Balinese Beds:

  1. Are beds whose structure is wood and also tend to be quite short and of a size more important since the idea is used for several people to sit on and relax with a drink on the terrace or backyard.
  2. Its main characteristics is that they usually have a cushion that allows you to sit three or four people. Besides having some sheets as a canopy that will protect from the sun, to give it a more stylish and charming. These sheets that hang and completely surrounding the bed can be replaced or supplemented also with nets so that in this way can protect themselves from mosquitoes.
  3. White is the color of fashion for this type of bed and what the sheets and the mattress is concerned, although it may also occur in shades of cream or beige.
  4. The materials of the bedding Balinese beds are usually natural fabrics such as cotton or linen.
  5. Balinese beds also include a factor related to the ” chill-out ” which is to find the best relaxation external environment surrounding us. They are also associated with parties that can be for example the Ibizan holiday hotels and luxury holidays.

Factors to consider before buying a Balinese bed:

  1. Space: We have said that the Balinese beds are a fairly large beds so before buying one, we make sure we fit in the garden or terrace and especially if we have to put us all the space we eat.
  2. Purchase by or take advantage of buying only the structure: Although the Balinese beds are usually sold whole all, the truth is that we can consider buying only the structure and thus able to use sheets or mattresses we already have to take advantage of our Balinese bed .

You see that type of bed is known as Balinese. No doubt you will change the way to relax in your garden if you can do with one and certainly end up being the main protagonists of every party you give at home decor concept.

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