Apartments: feminine and delicate in its decoration

This apartment is only 15 square meters. It is small, almost tiny, but seeing him completely won me over. Women in each of its details, bright, and decorated perfectly planned.

Delicate to work, drink tea with friends, enjoy a romantic moment with your partner, or watching TV.

The white base, but that beautiful soft green carpet is the perfect combination. It is such that when one sees them makes you want to remove your shoes and start walking on it.

The furniture has clean lines and modern materials, many of which are not too expensive. Another detail that can be observed and taken into account are the cabinets. It has completely taken the wall to keep within himself chairs, TV and other items given the limited space could not have.

The beauty of this decoration suggestion is that we can take lots of ideas and if we have at home a small space like this, do not know what to do with it, we know we can take advantage of transforming it into a place for rest and relaxation. A place where we can make our crafts, take our time alone and others, but always with style and thinking about the decor .

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