Andalusian-style decor

Although Spain noted for its cultural and traditional differences that exist in each of their regions, if we speak of decoration, in Spain there is one that stands out above all others, is the decoration of Andalusia. Perhaps one reason so over this decoration can be highlighted by the strong Arab influence it has. Anyway, every time someone draws us remember, or talk to us whenever you see any feature of Andalusia. The same goes with the decor of Andalusia.


The colors of this decoration are lacking in regards to walls, both inside and outside the houses, the color used is white, this is due to the high temperatures and the need to stifle the white painting the outside to reflect sunlight and take the lowest possible temperature.

But in terms of accessories and decorative accessories is a rich color. Especially in its Coatings tile, which is very typical Andalusian decor using colors like blue and green. Also in his pads, bright colors like red and orange are used.


The furniture in this rustic-style decor and the most widely used material is wood. It also combines wood and wrought iron table tops, tables, cabinets and so on.

The chairs and benches painted green, is a detail typical of this land.


The supplements are very similar to those of the rustic decor, nearly everything related to the field is well in this decoration. Cartwheels, candelabras, wooden benches, decorative plates hanging on the walls, stuffed animal heads, especially bulls.

An essential material in this style is the tile, a material widely used especially in the courtyards.

Plants is a widely used supplement, give freshness and suffocates in extreme heat of this land.

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