Achieve a Gothic style black and white

What color on the walls black? You might think I’m crazy, but I assure you that you can achieve a stylish gothic interesting using the black and white in combination with the same environment.

British architect Sir Edwin Lutyens demonstrates this environment we see in black and white image that combined can make a fantastic effect, either in a bedroom or hall.

The idea of this combination is to paint ceilings, baseboards and door and window frames white. For the walls, black. In this way we will achieve a look that combined with decorative line – armchairs, chandeliers, chandeliers, etc. – will achieve a unique and original gothic air.

The architect even said that not only the color black is an environment conducive to small , but any strong color like red, blue, brown, or dark green. As the dimensions of an environment can not be changed, according to this design if it is possible to make this small room provides a great visual effect that is pleasurable for those who inhabit it.

An idea for children and teenagers bedrooms and offices? Apply black color on the walls also adding the benefits of blackboard paint. Sure! A black wall on which, moreover, can draw or leave messages, errands or whatever.

Is not that original concept?

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