A great idea to paint your house, Paint stripes!

The stripes painted on the wall, are in vogue. Whether vertical or horizontal, these give us a great decorative and original contribution, depending on the colors we can create many different environments, elegant, and happy.

Today we bring you several ideas to paint a striped wall, to compare the results of using different colors, stripes vertical, horizontal, wider or less wide.

A great idea when using stripes to paint a wall, is to use the same color but different shades to notice the contrast between the stripes and in this wall.

As you can see have chosen to select the green but in different tones, so that it shows that there are significant scratches on the wall but not much color clash with another. This idea is really attractive for those who like or have in their heads the idea of ??painting a single color. That way they can carry out his idea but with more style.

If we are looking for something more elegant with a more sober and calm to our home regardless of the position of the stripes, we should look neutral colors like white broken, gray and beige, serene and elegant colors like brown. As in this room:

The stripes in this room are horizontal and wide, but they are the colors that are painted, giving us a touch elegant and serene, perhaps more appropriate for an adult bedroom.

If we seek to paint a nursery, we are fortunate that we can choose from a range of colors much larger, because for a children’s room it is best to use several colors that are bright, lively and stimulating them. As in this child’s room.

You see, the choice of colors provide a modern, youthful and fun, adjectives that certainly needed in a child’s bedroom.

Even if we want a striking visual effect, so we can get, but the consequences of living in a space painted in such a way, perhaps in the long term may not be entirely beneficial. Although to impress our guests is great.

You see the idea of ??painting our house, stripes, is an option that offers a lot of versatility to decorate our home. Obviously everything is in the taste that each one carries within. You just need to know what is yours and carry it out.

An idea to carry out your project, you get a paper or on the same computer to perform a template striped with the colors we like, that way we can picture how the final result and choose those colors or make changes.

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