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color for interior decor

There are many alternatives in terms of colors for interior and decoration concept. And they really are important because they stimulate the senses and breathing spaces. Let’s find out some details on this issue and find colors that can be adapted better to our home space.

  1. Red: represents passion, sexual encounter, adventure, desire, play and transgression. It is ideal for providing precise touches, as if it becomes dominant it can become irritating. The chairs, curtains, cushions and furniture and carpets are perfect for this intense color.
  2. Blue: conveys calm, tranquility and coolness. It is usually ideal in lamps, upholstery, quilts and other textile accessories, but can also be used in environments related to the business or leisure, and home offices or relaxation rooms.
  3. Green represents the contact with nature, and is recommended accessories such as ornaments, small rugs or furniture, but not directly on walls. Reassuring and encouraging dialogue.
  4. Yellow is energy, action, vitality, good humor and determination. Due to the challenging nature, it is not recommended for babies rooms, although it may be interesting in game rooms or similar spaces.
  5. Orange: color spiritual, ecstatic, enthusiastic. Can you give an interesting touch sensual in certain environments.
  6. Violet: the tone of deep mysticism, mystery and melancholy. This is a cool and relaxing colors.
  7. White: is the sum of all colors, and is identified with the light and clarity. One of the most preferred colors for painting walls and ceilings.
  8. Black: no color. Reminiscent of the dark, calm, elegance … Ideal in home appliances or furniture, kitchen and bathroom.
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