4 rooms, 4 colors

We always talk about the power of color as sourceofgrowthwas expression of emotions and energies. Here again we need him to create 4 totally different atmospheres rooms concept, with the basic color and imagination as a weapon.

  • Coral in color: from the carpet in your most intense shade, curtains and cushions, which combine with the white base. Untreated wood and iron are the other major players, since you can do that are present in the main parts of the room, the coffee table and sideboard and some supplement like candlesticks or a vase.
  • The colored sand: Betting on gold shows that these effects are beyond the neo-baroque style. An original pearl coffee table as a mosaic immediately attracts the eye which is then diverted to the frame carved mirror and puff in old gold. The final grade is the responsibility of the velvet cushions and the soft white carpet, as if it were a magic carpet, clothes around the room.
  • The turquoise: Elegant, restrained and perfect to combine elements from different sources, such as a coffee table inspired by Asia, a carpet of hemp or a side table silver. The curtains and velvet cushions soften the environment turquoise without recharging.
  • The earth color: The color palette of earth tones and honey ezel starting point of this room. This is achieved by an air of rustic however, brings together pieces of marked ethnic influence. Get a Chinese trunk coffee table mode, following a side table upholstered in fabric, up to a wooden panel of Hindu. Get a room full of nuances.
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